No. TC-II/2046/04/2. 

Rail Bhavan, New Delhi – 110 001, dated  26.07.2004  

Sub:   Revised rate structure for booking of parcel and luggage traffic - Railway Budget 2004-05.

                       Sanction of the Central Government is hereby accorded to the revised rate structure for booking of parcel and luggage traffic as per announcements made by the Hon’ble Minister for Railways while presenting the Railway Budget 2004-05 in the Parliament on 6th July 2004.

1.0         The rates for booking of parcels by Rajdhani Express trains, under Scale-R have been increased by around 7.1 per cent.


2.0         The rates under Scale-P have also been increased and will be around 53 per cent of the revised Scale-R.


3.0         The rates under Scale-S will remain unchanged.


4.0         The lowest Scale-E has been merged with Scale-S and, accordingly, Scale-E will get abolished from the rate structure.


5.0         Registered Newspapers and Magazines will be booked at concessional rates uniformly at 45 per cent of Scale-S rates by all trains including Rajdhani Express trains.

6.0         All types of special Parcel trains shall be charged at Scale-P instead of Scale-S.

6.1         Accordingly, the ‘Reserve price’ for leasing out ‘Millennium Parcel Express’ trains will be based on Scale-P instead of Scale-S. 

6.2        Similarly, all  types of fruit special trains shall, accordingly, be charged at Scale-P instead of Scale-S.


6.3        Banana traffic when booked and transported in BCN/BCX wagons will, accordingly, be charged at Scale-P minus 20% instead of at Scale-S minus 20%.

7.0       The three rate Scales for booking of Parcels and Luggage, in their descending order, will now be  as under:-  



Type of Service Type of Train

Scale - R

Rajdhani Parcel Service Rajdhani Express trains

Scale - P

Premier Parcel Service Notified Mail/Express &  Shatabdi Express trains and all types of  Special Parcel trains

Scale - S

Standard Parcel Service Ordinary Passenger trains and  Other Mail/Express trains and  Shatabdi Express trains

 7.1       In the revised rate structure, the total number of rate Scales for booking of parcels and luggage will be reduced from 4 Scales to 3 Scales.  The ratio between the highest Scales rates and the lowest Scale rates will reduce from 6.2 to 3.0.

7.2        The Zonal Railways will continue to notify such Mail/Express/Shatabdi trains for Premier Parcel Service whose utilisation of parcel space during the preceding twelve months was 60% or more.  The notification will be issued by the zonal railways separately for Up and Down directions of the trains.

8.0        The above changes will come into effect from 06.08.2004.

9.0       Zonal Railways will charge the freight as published in the revised Parcel Rate Tables. The General Secretary, IRCA has been requested to print and supply the revised Parcel Rate tables.  Zonal railways should ensure that adequate number of copies of the revised Parcel Rate tables are collected from the IRCA office and are distributed to the staff well in advance.

 10.0     Marketing efforts should be intensified to improve the volumes of parcel traffic and generate additional earnings from parcel traffic.

 11.0     Steps should be taken to ensure that the staff fully understand the changes in the parcel rates and the system of charging as per the revised rate structure and implement them correctly.  Commercial Inspectors and Traffic Inspectors of Accounts (TIAs) should be deputed to all parcel offices for ensuring correct implementation of the instructions and the revised rates.

12.0     This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

 13.0    These instructions and the new Parcel rate tables can also be obtained on the internet  on  the  Indian Railways  website namely www. indianrailways. gov. in

( Ms. S.R. Sett )
Joint Director Freight Mktg.